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BS (Hons.) Social Sciences with Major in Political Science and Minor in Economics

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year
Winter Term: Sept. – Dec Winter Term: Sept. – Dec Winter Term: Sept. – Dec Winter Term: Sept. – Dec
1. Intro to Micro Econ
2. Mathematics I
3. Statistics I
4. Computing for Business & Economics I
5. Communication Skills
6. Islamic Studies
1. History of Economic Thought
2. Public Sector Economics
3. International Relations Theory
4. Sociology I
5. Foreign Policy of Pakistan
6. International Diplomacy/ Human Rights & Development / World History
1. Micro Economics I
2. Macro Economics I
3. Comparative Political Systems (Developed)
4. International Political Economy
5. Sociology II/Introduction to History
6. International Institutions
1. Western Political Thought II
2. Research Methods
3. Dynamics of Pakistani Politics
4. Modern American Literature
5. Pakistan Economy
Spring Term: Jan. – May Spring Term: Jan. – May Spring Term: Jan. – May Spring Term: Jan. – May
1. Intro to Macro Econ
2. Mathematics II
3. Statistics II
4. Computing for Business & Economics II
5. Academic Wriitng
6. Pakistan Studies 
1. Political Science
2. Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
3. Psychology I
4. Comparative Politics
5. International Relations Practice
6. Development Economics  Practice
1. Comparative Political Systems (Developing)
2. Micro Economics II
3. Macro Economics II
4. Psychology II/ Historiography
5. Western Political Thought I
6. Creative Writing
1. Foreign Policy Analysis of Major Powers
2. International Economics
3. International Law
4. Political Ideologies
5. Research Project / Muslim Political Thought / Local Government in Pakistan 

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