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BS (Hons) with Double Major in English and Communication Studies

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year
Winter Term: Aug. – Dec Winter Term: Aug. – Dec Winter Term: Aug. – Dec Winter Term: Aug. – Dec
1. Intro to Micro Economics
2. Mathematics I
3. Statistics I
4. Computing for Business & Economics I
5. Communication Skills
6. Islamic Studies
1. Visual Communication
2. Intro to Linguistics
3. Mass Communication
4. Sociology I
5. Nineteenth Century Poetry
6. Classical Poetry
1. Print, Radio & Television
2. Nineteenth Century Novel
3. Video Production
4. Modern Poetry
5. Psychology I
6. Language, Culture and Society
1. Literary Theory
2 Popular Culture and the Documentary
3. Language Gender & Power
4. Web Design & Online Journalism
5. Research Methods (in English Language and Literature) /  Research Methods in Communication Studies 
Spring Term: Jan. – May Spring Term: Jan. – May Spring Term: Jan. – May Spring Term: Jan. – May
1. Intro to Macro Economics
2. Creative Writing
3. Intro. to English Literature
4. Computing for Social Sciences
5. Academic Writing
6. Pakistan Studies
1. Movements in Art and Literature
2. Classical Drama
3. Film Studies
4. Psycholinguistics
5. Modern American Literature
6. Sociology II
1. Modern Fiction
2. Psychology II
3. Film Directors
4. Discourse Analysis
5. Modern Drama
6. Documentaries 
1. Literature and Screen Media for Young Adults
2. Media and Environment
3. South Asian Literature
4. Comparative Literature
5. Research Project

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