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Post-Graduate Programs

The MPhil programmes are designed to develop high level professionals and to provide the basis for pursuing further academic qualifications including PhD in the relevant discipline.

The MPhil Programmes require a minimum of 30 credit hours of course work with an additional thesis requirement of 6 credit hours for the MPhil. The course work (excluding thesis) is expected to be completed in 1 - 1½ years of full time study.

The Ph. D programmes require a minimum of 18 credit hours of  course work after MPhil followed by a comprehensive examination for granting candidacy as PhD researcher. The Ph. D dissertation must be evaluated by at least two Ph. D experts from technologically / academically advanced foreign countries in addition to local Committee member. An open defense of dissertation is essential part of Ph. D programme after positive evaluation. The dissertation publication of at least one research paper based on the Ph. D research in an HEC approved "X" category journal is a requirement for the award of Ph. D degree ("Y" in case of Social Sciences only).

The Lahore School of Economics offers Ph. D programmes in Economics and Business Administration.

Ph.D in Economics Ph.D in Business Administration MPhil in Environmental Science and Policy
MPhil in Economics MPhil in Business Administration (Research)  
MS in Economics MS in Business Administration  
MPhil in Development Studies   

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