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Lahore Journal of Economics

Vol. 16 - Special Edition, September, 2011 eISSN 1811-5446


Editors’ Introduction
Pakistan 2011: Policy Measures for the Economic Challenges Ahead  
Shahid Amjad Chaudhry
Pakistan: Breaking Out of Stagflation into Sustained Growth
Rashid Amjad, Musleh ud Din and Abdul Qayyum
Reconstructing the Performance of Pakistan’s Political Economy: Another Paradigm
Inayat Ullah Mangla
Pakistan, Growth, Dependency, and Crisis
Matthew McCartney
The Capital Account and Pakistani Rupee Convertibility: Macroeconomic Policy Challenges
Irfan ul Haque
A Qualitative Analysis of Pakistan’s External and Internal Debt
Eatzaz Ahmad
Government Budget Deficits and the Development of the Bond Market in Pakistan: Issues and Challenges
Jamshed Y. Uppal
The Impact of Monetary Policy on Lending and Deposit Rates in Pakistan: Panel Data Analysis
Hasan Muhammad Mohsin
Economics of Inflation, Issues in the Design of Monetary Policy Rule and Monetary Policy Reaction Function in Pakistan
Ather Maqsood Ahmed and Wasim Shahid Malik
Market Discipline in Commercial Banking: Evidence from the Market for Bank Equity
Ayesha Afzal and Nawazish Mirza
Interest Margins and Banks’ Asset-Liability Composition
Idrees Khawaja
The Impact of Bank Governance on Bank Performance in Pakistan
Abid A. Burki and Shabbir Ahmad
An Evaluation of Mutual Fund Performance in an Emerging Economy: The Case of Pakistan
Mahreen Mahmud and Nawazish Mirza
Financing Constraints: Determinants and Implications for Firm Growth in Pakistan
Hamna Ahmed and Naved Hamid
Norms of Cooperation, Trust, Altruism, and Fairness: Evidence from Lab Experiments on Pakistani Students
Theresa Thompson Chaudhry and Misha Saleem

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