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Lahore Journal of Economics

Vol. 17 - Special Edition, September, 2012 eISSN 1811-5446


Editors’ Introduction
Toward a Heterodox Approach: Reconciling Stabilization and Economic Growth in Pakistan  
Irfan ul Haque and Sahar Amjad
The Captivating Vision of the “New Growth Strategy”: The Missing Political Economy Perspective
S. Akbar Zaidi
Stagflation, the Labor Market Impact, and the Poverty Puzzle in Pakistan : A Preliminary Analysis
Rashid Amjad
Pakistan’s Power Crisis: How Did We Get Here?
Kamal A. Munir and Salman Khalid
Industrialization by Fitting in: Acquiring Technology through Collaboration and Subcontracting
Sikander Rahim
Export Barriers in Pakistan: Results of a Firm-Level Survey
Rashid Amjad, Ejaz Ghani, Musleh ud Din and Tariq Mahmood
The Constraints to Industry in Punjab, Pakistan
Syed Turab Hussain, Usman Khan, Kashif Zaheer Malik and Adeel Faheem
The Birth of Exporters: Entry and Scale of Firms in Punjab’s Export Sectors
Azam Chaudhry, Marjan Nasir and Maryiam Haroon
Competitiveness and Pakistan: A Dangerous, Distorting and Dead-End Obsession?
Matthew McCartney
Pakistan’s Quest for a New Growth Vent: Lessons from History
Ijaz Nabi
The Opportunities and Pitfalls of Pakistan’s Trade with China and Other Neighbors
Naved Hamid and Sarah Hayat
The Prospects for Indo-Pakistan Trade
Hafiz A. Pasha and Muhammad Imran
Sri Lanka’s Free Trade Agreements with India and Pakistan: Are They Leading Bilateral Trade Beyond Normalcy?
Sirimal Abeyratne
Making Devolution Work in Pakistan
Aisha Ghaus-Pasha
Adapting Public Sector Services to Local Delivery
Ishrat Husain
The 18th Constitutional Amendment: Glue or Solvent for Nation Building and Citizenship in Pakistan?
Anwar Shah
Civil Service Management in Devolved Government: Reconciling Local Accountability and Career Incentives in Pakistan
Musharraf Rasool Cyan

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