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Lahore Journal of Economics

Vol. 18 - Special Edition, September, 2013 eISSN 1811-5446


Editors’ Introduction
Balancing Market and Government Failure in Service Delivery  
Jeffrey S. Hammer
Education in Pakistan’s Punjab: Outcomes and Interventions
Masooma Habib
The Public School System in Sindh: Empirical Insights
Salman Asim
Struggling against the Odds of Poverty, Access, and Gender: Secondary Schooling for Girls in Pakistan
Zeba A. Sathar, Asif Wazir, and Maqsood Sadiq
Preparing Women of Substance? Education, Training, and Labor Market Outcomes for Women in Pakistan
Monazza Aslam and Shenila Rawal
Analyzing the Market for Shadow Education in Pakistan: Does Private Tuition Affect the Learning Gap between Private and Public Schools?
Bisma Haseeb Khan and Sahar Amjad Shaikh
Measuring the Differential Economic Impact of Education across Income Groups and Provinces in Pakistan: A Model-Consistent Approach
Fahd Rehman and Russel J. Cooper
Patronage in Rural Punjab: Evidence from a New Household Survey Dataset
Azam Chaudhry and Kate Vyborny
Historical Inequality and Intergenerational Educational Mobility: The Dynamics of Change in Rural Punjab
Ali Cheema and Muhammad Farooq Naseer
The State of Health in Pakistan: An Overview
Uzma Afzal and Anam Yusuf
Improving Public Health Delivery in Punjab, Pakistan: Issues and Opportunities
Michael Callen, Saad Gulzar, Ali Hasanain, Abdul Rehman Khan, Yasir Khan and Muhammad Zia Mehmood
Increased Rural Connectivity and its Effects on Health Outcomes
Hadia Majid
Two Social Protection Programs in Pakistan
Ijaz Nabi
Human Development and Economic Uncertainties: Exploring Another Dimension of Development
Jamshed Y. Uppal and Syeda Rabab Mudakkar
Microinsurance in Pakistan: Progress, Problems, and Prospects
Theresa Thompson Chaudhry and Fazilda Nabeel

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