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Lahore Journal of Economics

Vol. 19 - Special Edition, September, 2014 eISSN 1811-5446


Editors’ Introduction
Pakistan’s Parallel Foreign Exchange Market  
Asma Khalid 
From Fear of Floating to Benign Neglect: The Exchange Rate Regime Roller Coaster in Pakistan
Syed Kumail Abbas Rizvi, Bushra Naqvi and Nawazish Mirza
What Does the Exchange Rate Do? A Status Symbol?
Sikander Rahim
Toward a Competitive Pakistan: The Role of Industrial Policy
Irfan ul Haque
Pakistan’s Growth Spurts and Reversals: A Historical Perspective
Rashid Amjad 
The Political Economy of Industrial Policy: A Comparative Study of the Textiles Industry in Pakistan
Matthew McCartney
Barriers to the Growth of Small Firms in Pakistan: A Qualitative Assessment of Selected Light Engineering Industries
Nazish Afraz, Syed Turab Hussain, and Usman Khan 
The Need for a Coordinated Industrial Strategy to Boost Pakistani Exports: Lessons from Asia
Azam Chaudhry and Gul Andaman
Exporters in Pakistan and Firms Who Do Not Export: What’s the Big Difference?
Theresa Chaudhry and Muhammad Haseeb
Compliance with Global Quality Requirements in Pakistan’s Export Sector
Salman Ehsan and Ayesha Khanum
Foreign Direct Investment and Technological Capabilities: The Relevance of the East Asian Experience for Pakistan
Khalil Hamdani
The Textiles and Garments Sector: Moving Up the Value Chain
Naved Hamid, Ijaz Nabi and Rafia Zafar 
Patterns of Export Diversification: Evidence from Pakistan
Hamna Ahmed and Naved Hamid
Should Pakistan Liberalize Trade With India Against the Backdrop of the FTA with China? A Comparative Advantage Analysis for the Manufacturing Sector
Naheed Memon, Faiza Rehman and Fazal Rabbi
Analyzing Pakistan’s Trade Opportunity with Turkey
Asha Gul
Reviewing Pakistan’s Import Demand Function: A Time-Series Analysis, 1970–2010
Zunia Saif Tirmazee and Resham Naveed
Pakistan’s Dependency on Imports and Regional Integration
Nasir Iqbal, Ejaz Ghani and Musleh ud Din
The Changing Landscape of RTAs and PTAs: Analysis and Implications
Rashid S. Kaukab
The WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement: Implications for Pakistan’s Domestic Trade Policy Formulation
Mohammad Saeed
Improving Regional Trade to Support Pakistan’s Economic Growth
Manzoor Ahmad

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