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Lahore Journal of Economics

Vol. 21 - Special Edition, September, 2016 eISSN 1811-5446


Why Scientific Research is Imperative for Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development in Pakistan  
Bilal U. Haq 
The Productivity Growth–Technology–Entrepreneurship Nexus: Implications for Pakistan
Irfan ul Haque
Pakistan’s Productivity Performance and TFP Trends, 1980–2015: Cause for Real Concern
Rashid Amjad and Namra Awais
Costs, Capabilities, Conflict and Cash: The Problem of Technology and Sustainable Economic Growth in Pakistan
Matthew McCartney
The Diversification and Sophistication of Pakistan’s Exports: The Need for Structural Transformation
Maha Khan and Uzma Afzal 
Innovation in the Textiles Sector: A Firm-Level Analysis of Technological and Nontechnological Innovation
Waqar Wadho and Azam Chaudhry 
Comparing Industrialization in Pakistan and the East Asian Economies
Rajah Rasiah and Nazia Nazeer 
Correlates of Entrepreneurship in Pakistan: The Regional Dimension
Mahnoor Asif and Anum Ellahi
Same Jeans, Same Stitch? A Comparison of Denim Production Across Three Factories in Punjab, Pakistan
Theresa Thompson Chaudhry and Mahvish Faran 
Measuring Technology Differences Across Football Manufacturers in Sialkot
Tariq Raza 
Technology in the Sialkot Gloves Manufacturing Sector
Saba Firdousi 
Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Digital Economy
Naved Hamid and Faizan Khalid 
Promotion of Innovation and S&T: The Role of Finance
Saeed Ahmed and Mahmood ul Hasan Khan
Access to Finance and Agency: An Overview of the Constraints to Female-Run Enterprises
Farah Said
Explaining Pakistan’s Premature Deindustrialization
Nazia Nazeer and Rajah Rasiah 
Public Policy, Innovation and Economic Growth: An Economic and Technological Perspective on Pakistan’s Telecom Industry
Musleh Ud Din, Inayat Ullah Mangla and Muhammad Jamil
Innovation and Technological Upgrading in Lahore: Results From the LCCI Business Confidence Survey 2016
Mahvish Faran and Azam Chaudhry 
Science and Technology for Raising Income: The Choice of Activities, the State and the Private Sector
Sikander Rahim 
Productivity Growth and Entrepreneurship in Pakistan: The Role of Public Policy in Promoting Technology Management
Shaukat Hameed Khan

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