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Department of Social Sciences

Muneer Ahmed , Ph. D, Sociology,
Muenster University, Germany
Professor & Head: Department of Social Sciences
Azhar Hassan Nadeem  Ph. D Economics, Punjab University: Senior Fellow
Faisal Yaqoob  M.A Mass Communication, BNU Lahore & M.A Human Rights and Ethics, The University of Salford: Teaching & Research Fellow
Javaria Siddique  B.A (Hons), English Literature, Kinnaird College for Women: Junior Teaching Fellow
S. Hassan Gardezi  MA Creative Writing, UNSW Sydney: Teaching Fellow
Tayyaba Tamim  Ph.D Sociology of Language Policy and Language Education, Cambridge University: Associate Professor
Shafqat Hussain Chaudhry  Ph. D in International Relations, Keele University: Senior Fellow
Aly Zaman  Ph.D Political Sciences and IR, Australian National  University, Australia: Assistant Professor
Akhtar Hamid  M.A Jurisprudence, Orford University: Senior Fellow
Rumessa Abid Naqvi  M.A English, University of the Punjab: Teaching Fellow
Samea Amjad  MPhil English Language Teaching, Kinnaird College for Women: Teaching Fellow

Sabiha Mansoor  Ph.D Education, University of Reading, UK: Professor
Sajjad Naseer  
M.A. and ABD Political Science, University of Massachusetts: Senior Fellow
Dr. Shireen Rahim  DPhil English Literature, University of the Punjab, Pakistan: Assistant Professor
Ahmad Azhar  Ph.D in Medieval and Modern History, University of Gottingen, Germany: Assistant Professor
Mariam Zia  Ph. D English Literature, University of Sussex: Teaching Fellow
Nina Gera  MPhil, Lahore School of Economics: Assistant Professor
Rameeza Aslam  M.A Applied Linguistics, Kinnaird College for Women: Teaching Fellow

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