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MBA Program

The MBA Program at the Lahore School requires a minimum of 78 credit hours taught over 2 years for students with four years bachelors honors degrees with a CGPA of 2.5. Graduates of the BBA / BSc Economics and Business (Hons) Programs of the Lahore School of Economics with a CGPA of 3.0 and above may join in the second year for the MBA Program .The 1½ year MBA Program requires completion of 42 credit hours. Students joining the 1½ year MBA Program complete the Research Project in the Winter Semester of their 2nd Year. A CGPA of 2.5 and a 6-8 week internship/work experience approved and monitored by the Lahore School’s Placement Office during the MBA program is a requirement to graduate from the 1½ year MBA Program and 2 year MBA Program. Internship/Work is to be done in Summer Term of the first year.

All courses in the MBA Program are taught at an advanced theoretical and applied level with a strong emphasis on its application to the Pakistan economy and the performance of Pakistani companies using empirical and analytical references.

The MBA Program enables students to develop general management skills; a thorough understanding of the functional areas of the firm; an ability to use quantitative decision tools; and an awareness of political, social, ethical and economic forces that affect business decisions. 


1st Year

2nd Year

Graduating Year

Winter Term: Sept. – Dec

Winter Term: Sept. – Dec

Summer Term: June. – Aug.
Winter Term: Sept. – Dec

1. Business Economics
2. Business Mathematics & Statistics
3. Financial Accounting I
4. Pakistan Economy
5. Management: Policy and Practice
6. Marketing Management Practices

1. Advanced Corporate Finance
2. Marketing Research
3. Marketing Strategy
4. Advanced Operations Mgmt
5. Managerial Accounting
6. Sales Force Management

1. Research Project

Spring Term: Jan. – May

Spring Term: Jan. – May


1. Corporate Finance
2. Consumer Behavior
3. Financial Accounting II
4. Management of SME & Entrepreneurial Activity
5. Analysis of Financial Statements & Reporting
6. Human Resource Mgmt

1. Organizational Behavior & Leadership
2. Decision Analysis
3. Business Policy
4. Brand and Advertising Management/ Management of Financial Institutions
5. Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management
6. Strategic Supply Chain Management



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