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Dr. Ayesha Afzal

Dr. Ayesha Afzal Associate Professor, Department of Economics Dr. Afzal is Associate Professor at Lahore School of Economics. She holds a PhD in Economics from Lahore School of Economics with concentration in Financial Economics. Her dissertation was focused on risk and return framework of financial intermediaries, under Basel regulations, in Pakistan.

Dr Afzal’s research interests include various aspects of financial system, banking and risk management. She is publishing her research in prominent international journals. She is currently conducting collaborative research with Professors from S.P. Jain School of Global Management, and College of Business Administration, Dubai Academic City on Financial Deepening and Role of Markets. Some of her recent publications are “The Impact of Market Discipline on Banks’ Capital Adequacy: Evidence from an Emerging Economy,” The Lahore Journal of Business, 2015, Vol4 (1), 61-73. “The Impact of Financial Liberalization on the Credit System of Pakistan: Historical Perspective,” Research Journal of Recent Sciences, 2013, Vol 2(3), 74-80. “Interest Rate Spreads in an Emerging Economy: The Case of Pakistan’s Commercial Banking Sector,” Economic Research, 2012, Vol 25(4), 987 – 1004. 

Dr Afzal is a recipient of multiple International Awards on her research. She received the Best Paper Award at the 4th International Conference on Advances in Social Science, Management and Human Behavior in Rome, Italy, December 2016. Prior to that she was awarded Best Paper Presentation Award at the 12th International Conference on Business Management at BIMCH and University of Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka in December 2015.

Dr Afzal has received formal training for Case Method Teaching at the Harvard Business School, Boston, USA. She has been actively involved in using case studies for most of her courses.

Dr. Afzal serves on editorial advisory board of three academic journals including “Economic Research, Annals of Economics and Finance and The Lahore Journal of Business”. She is also Patron to the Lahore School Finance and Investment Society.

Prior to her PhD, she did MPhil Economics and an MSc Economics and Finance from Lahore School of Economics. She is recipient of a Gold Medal for finishing at the top of her class and a Silver Medal for being placed on the Dean’s Honor List for finishing in the top 10% of the class as well.

Dr. Afzal teaches theory and applied courses in the fields of economics and finance, including Financial Economics, Development and Growth Economics, Banking, Business Economics, Risk Management and Financial Statement Analysis.


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