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Dr. Rahma Tamime Wadho

Dr. Rahma Tamime WADHO is Assistant Professor of Environmental Sciences at the Department of Environmental Science and Policy, Lahore School of Economics. She has PhD (2011) in Environmental Sciences with specialty in Chemical engineering from Laboratoire de Mécanique, Modélisation & Procédés Propres (M2P2), Aix-Marseille University, France and M.Sc (2007) in Science in Geosciences and Civil Engineering with specialty in Science and management of soil and water from Henri Poincaré University, Nancy, France. Her PhD dissertation was on Microscopic and optical characterization of organic membranes: An application to the production of drinking water. This research included three practical papers: 1) Morphological Analyses for UF Membranes: Surface Morphology and Pore Size Distribution, 2) Membrane Characterization by Microscopic and Scattering Methods: Multiscale Structure, 3) Membrane Characterization by Microscopic and Scattering Methods: Powerful Tool to Control Fouling.

Dr. Tamime has presented her research work in many international conferences (AWWA, IWA, ICOM, Euromembrane, AMS6/IMSTEC10…..). She worked as research Engineer at Suez Environment, Paris, France for three years. She was also teaching experiments and practical work “Chemical Engineering ", at Institut Universitaire Téchnique (IUT), Marseille, France. Her published research includes “Membrane characterization by microscopic and optical methods: powerful tool to control fouling, AWWA Membrane 2012, 27 Fev-1 Mars 2012, Glendale, Arizona, USA. “Membrane Characterization by Microscopic and Scattering Methods: Multiscale Structure”, Membranes 2011, 1(2), 91-97. “Membrane characterization by microscopic and scattering methods: multiscale structure”, IMSTEC 2010, Sydney, Australia, 22-26 November 2010. “Morphologie de membrane et mécanismes de colmatage”, Congrès MEMPRO 4, Marseille, France 6-8 Octobre 2010. “Caractérisation microscopique de membranes organiques - Application à la production d’eau potable”, Congrès EDSE, 29-30 Avril 2010, Cassis, France. “Caractérisation de membranes organiques par techniques optiques”, 12ème Congrès SFGP, Marseille, France, 14-16 Octobre 2009. “A study on membrane morphology by optical and microscopic methods”. IWA 2009, Beijing, China, 1-3 September 2009. “Organic membrane characterizations by optical and microscopic methods: drinking water application”. Euromembrane 2009, University of Montpellier, France, 6-10 September 2009. “High Resolution SEM to determine the pore size distribution of filtration membranes”. Euromembrane 2009, University of Montpellier, France, 6-10 September 2009. “Morphological analyses of organic UF membranes: surface morphology and pore size distribution”. AWWA 2009 Pittsburg, USA, 5-7 May 2009.

At Lahore School of Economics Dr. Tamime teaches Environemntal Chemistry, Analytical Research Methods, Ecology of Water (Applied) for Mphil program and Introduction to Environmental Science for BS programs and supervises graduate thesis in Environmental Sciences. Her research interests include Water treatment (potable and waste), Membrane technology for water and wastewater treatment, Physico-chemical processes in water treatment and Environmental sciences.


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