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Ms. Samra Chaudry

Dr. Samra Chaudary is Assistant Professor at Lahore School of Economics since 2012. She holds a Ph.D in Business Administration from Lahore School of Economics with concentration in Behavioral Finance. Her dissertation was focused on the impact of personality, salience and love of money on investment decisions. She has worked for Times Magazine UK. She has a BBA (Hons.) in Finance from Lahore School of Economics and M.Sc in International Corporate Finance and Banking from University of Glasgow, UK. She has also attended University of Saint Gallen, Switzerland for rigorous research training. She teaches Financial Management, Investments and Portfolio Management, Banking, Advance Corporate Finance, Risk Management, Financial Institution and Global Financial System, Research Methods and Research Project at undergraduate, graduate and post graduate levels at the Lahore School of Economics. She also supervises thesis of MBA students. She is an expert user of SPSS, AMOS and smartPLS3 software.

PhD Coursework
2016 Meta-Analysis (University of Saint Gallen, Switzerland).
2014 Experimental Design for Behavioural Science, Advance, Regression Analysis (University of Saint Gallen, Switzerland).
2014 Organizational Behaviour, Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, Empirical Corporate Finance.
2013 Survey of Financial Theories, Marketing Management, Applied Multivariate Statistics.
2012 Advance Research Methods in Business, Advance Statistical Methods for Business Research, Productions & Operations Management.

Research Interests
Behavioural Finance, Market Anomalies, Equity Premium, Asset Pricing, Mergers & Acquisitions, Capital Structure, Financial Regulations, Total Quality Management, Corporate Social Responsibility.

Publications in refereed journals
i) Chaudary, S. (2018). “Does salience matter in investment decision? Differences between individual and professional investors”. Kybernetes. (Emerald, impact factor 1.38).
ii) Sana, A., Chaudary, S., & Mehmood, A. (2017), “Consumer Perceptions of Private Label Brands in Pakistan”, Lahore Journal of Business (5) 2, 1-22.
iii) Chaudary, S., & Mirza, N. (2017), “Domestic and Cross-border Returns to Bidders in Acquisitions into the EU”, Economic Research-Ekonomska Istraživanja, 30 (1), 1021-1032. (Taylors and Francis, impact factor 0.46).
iv) Chaudary, S., & Ali, M. (2016), “The Spill over Effect of CSR Initiatives on Consumer Attitude and Purchase Intent: The Role of Customer-Company Identification with the Moderating Effect of Awareness”, Pakistan Journal of Commerce and Social Sciences, 10 (2), 368-387. (Ebsco Host).
v) Chaudary, S., Zahid, Z., Shahid, S., Khan, S., N., & Azar, S. (2016), Customer Perception of CSR Initiatives: Its Antecedents and Consequences, Social Responsibility Journal, 12 (2) 263-279. (Emerald, indexed in Scopous, ESCI, rated by ABDC).
vi) Chaudary, S., Zafar, S., & Salman, M. (2014), “Does TQM still shine? Re-examining the TQM effect on financial performance”, Total Quality Management and Business Excellence, 25, 1-14. (Taylors and Francis, impact Factor 1.3).
vii) Chaudary, S., & Adebayo, S. D. (2014), “Why regulate financial markets? The underlying rationale for financial regulation in the wake of the current crisis”, Journal of European Studies, 30 (1), 122-139.
viii) Chaudary, S., Nisar, S., Talat, A., & Adebayo, S. D. (2014), “Stock Market a Proxy for Oil Prices – A Focus on the Nigerian Economy”, Pakistan Journal of Commerce and Social Sciences 8 (3), 780-797. (Ebsco Host).
ix) Jawaid, M., Baig, A. T., & Chaudary, S. (2014), “Role of Organizational Ethics on Job Satisfaction: Case of Insurance Sector of Pakistan”, Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research, (4)1, 42-53.
x) Chaudary, S., Nisar, S., & Rehman, M., A. (2014), “Factors influencing the acceptance of online shopping in Pakistan”, Lahore Journal of Business (3) 1, 75-97.
xi) Chaudary, S., & Guidi. M. (2013), “Country and Firm Level Determinants of Capital Structure", Pakistan Business Review, 15 (3), 516-529.
xii) Chaudary, S., & Shahid, S. (2013), “Developments in Studies on Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions, 1996–2011”, Lahore Journal of Business (2) 1, 35-64.

Papers presented in peer-reviewed conferences
i) Chaudary, S., Zafar, S., & Mudakkar, S., R. (2019), “Love of Money and Investment Decisions: Interaction of Income and Inheritance”, The 12th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Behavioral Finance & Economics, New School’s University Center, New York, USA.
ii) Chaudary, S. (2017), “The Effect of CSR Activities on Swiss and German Consumers: An Experimental Approach”, 9th Annual American Business Research Conference, New York, USA.
iii) Chaudary, S. Sajjad, I., Azar, S., & Talat, A. (2015), “The effects of internet and e-commerce on entrepreneurship and SMEs in Pakistan”, 5th Annual Conference of the Economic Forum of Entrepreneurship and International Business, Harvard University, Boston, MA, USA.
iv) Talat, A., Chaudary, S., & Lone, A. (2014), “Exploring the relationship between service quality and patient satisfaction in the Pakistani healthcare industry", 3rd Asian Business Research Conference, INSEAD, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
v) Chaudary, S., Salman, M., & Mudakkar, S., R. (2014), “Students’ preferences for higher education through conjoint and cluster analysis”, British Academy of Management, Belfast, UK.
vi) Chaudary, S., & Shahid S. (2013), “Developments in the studies of cross-border mergers and acquisition (1996-2011)", British Academy of Management, Liverpool, UK.
vii) Chaudary, S., & Shahid S. (2013), “Developments in the studies of cross-border mergers and acquisition (1996-2011)", International Research Conference on Contemporary Management Practices 2013, Lahore University of Management Sciences.

Workshops Attended
2 days workshop by Perhao Sabaq (2019) on writing winning grant proposals.
2 days workshop by Association of Management Development Institutions in Pakistan (2016) on Faculty Colloquium.
4 days workshop by Lahore School of Economics (2015) on accounting software.
2 days workshop by Institute of Research Promotion (2014) on Managing Qualitative Research- Nnvivo.
3 days workshop by Lahore School of Economics (2013) on how to write and conduct a Case Study.
3 days workshop by Synergistic Financial Advisors (2013) on Financial Modeling.
3 days workshop by ASMAAR on (2013) Advance Research Methods and Techniques.
2 days workshop by Management Association of Pakistan (2013) on Strategy, Growth and Responsibility.
2 days workshop by Association of Management Development Institutions of Pakistan (2012) on teaching skill.

Workshops Conducted
1 day work shop (2015) on Experimental Design and its statistical analysis for the faculty members.
5 days research workshop (2013) on advanced statistical techniques for the faculty members.




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