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Shahid Siddiqui , PhD, English (Applied Linguistics), University of Toronto, Canada; MEd TESOL, University of Manchester, United Kingdom; M.A. English Language and Literature, Punjab University, Pakistan: Professor and Dean
Azhar Hassan Nadeem  PhD, MSc, LLB, Economics, Business Law, Rule of Law and Civil Society, Criminology, Public Administration, University of the Punjab: Senior Fellow
Sameea Amjad  MPhil, Applied Linguistics, Kinnaird College for Women, MA, English Language Teaching, Kinnard College for Women, Pakistan: Assistant Professor
Mariam Zia  PhD, English Literature, University of Sussex, UK, MA, English Literature, University of Sussex, UK, MA, English Language and Literature, University of Punjab, Pakistan: Assistant Professor
Aly Zaman  PhD, Political Science and International Relations, The Australian National University, Australia, MSc, Democracy, Politics and Governance, University of London, UK, MSc, Defence and Strategic Studies, Quaid-e-Azam University, Pakistan: Assistant Professor
Rumessa Abid Naqvi  MPhil, English Language and Literature, Kinnaird College Pakistan, MA English Literature, F.G. College for Women Kashmir Road, Pakistan: Assistant Professor
Shanzay Kamran  MPhil, Economics, Lahore School of Economics, Pakistan: Research Fellow
Sabiha Mansoor  Ph.D Education, University of Reading, UK: Professor
Nina Gera  MPhil, Economics, Lahore School of Economics: Assistant Professor
Rameeza Aslam  MA, Applied Linguistics, Kinnaird College, Pakistan: Teaching Fellow
Javaria Siddique  MPhil, English Literature, Kinnaird College, Pakistan: Teaching Fellow
Munaza Hassan Nasir  MPhil, Applied Linguistics, Kinnaird College, Pakistan, MA, English Language Teaching, Kinnard College for Women, Pakistan: Senior Teaching Fellow

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