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Undergraduate Scholarships
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Undergraduate Scholarships

Need Based Scholarship

A limited number of 50% Need Based Scholarships (which is equivalent to 50% of the total tuition fees for the term) are available to students. Eligibility criteria include:
i) Intermediate Board with 75% marks and IBCC equivalence of 75% in ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels.
ii) Demonstrated need to be supported by a completed Financial Assistance Form (available from the Financial Assistance Office) and a home verification visit by the Financial Assistance Office staff. 
Students will have to maintain a CGPA of 3.5 to maintain their Need Based Scholarship. Students with CGPA between 3.49 and 3.0 will get a reduction in their Need Based Scholarship to 25%. Students with CGPA less than 3.0 will not be entitled to any Need Based Scholarship.
The last date for application for Financial Assistance is July 15th of the relevant admission academic year.

Undergraduate Major Merit Scholarship

All Intermediate Board students with 85% marks and students with IBCC equivalence of 85% or 3 A’s in their ‘A’ Levels, if admitted into the Lahore School’s Undergraduate Programme will be offered 50% Major Merit Scholarships (which is equivalent to 50% of the total tuition fees for the term) for the first term of the undergraduate programme which will continue for subsequent terms in the first year provided they maintain a CGPA of 3.75 at the end of each term. Major Merit Scholarship students with CGPA between 3.74 & 3.5 will only get a Scholarship of 25% and if the CGPA drops below 3.5, the scholarship will be withdrawn.

Undergraduate Minor Merit Scholarship for 2nd, 3rd and 4th Year Students

Students enrolled in the undergraduate programme (excluding students who are on Undergraduate Major Merit or Needs Based Scholarship) attaining a GPA of 4.0 at the end of each regular term in the 2nd, 3rd & 4thyear of the undergraduate programme will get fee waiver for a three credit hour course in the subsequent term.

Student TA Ships

All students enrolled in the undergraduate programme (2nd Year, 3rd Year & 4th Year) who attain a CGPA of 3.75 and above at the end of each regular term may apply for one Student TA Ship (with tuition credit for a three credit hour course) in the subsequent term. This will be in addition to the Major and Minor Merit Scholarships and Need Based Scholarships.

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