Higher Education Commission

The Lahore School is a symbol of excellence and this is reflected in the ranking of the Lahore School of Economics as number two in the 2015 (latest) ranking of Business Schools of Pakistan by the Higher Education Commission.


The Lahore School of Economics is accredited by NBEAC (National Business Education Accreditation Council) and has been placed in the ‘W’ category – the highest Rank. There are only 9 Business Schools accredited in W category by NBEAC out of a total 56 accredited Business Schools and 207 total Business Schools in Pakistan (2023).

 QS Rankings

Lahore School of Economics has been listed as one of the top 200 International Trade Programmes in the world (and the only one in Pakistan) as per the QS International Trade Rankings 2023.


Lahore School of Economics ranked number two in Economics Research in Pakistan in the latest (2023) RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) rankings.