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HEC X and Y Category Journal Articles 23 39
ABDC/ABS/ MLA Journal Articles   5
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International Conference Papers 21 19
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Actual 2023 (Author/s, Title of Publication, Journal, Year)

HEC W Category/Impact Factor Journal Articles
1.    Afzal, A., Firdousi, S.F. & Mahmood, K. The links between financial depth and economic variables: evidence from Poland, The Journal of Risk Finance, 2023 (Impact Factor)
2.    Afzal, A., Hasnaoui, J., Noor, R., & Banerjee, A. Is saving the non-renewable resources worthwhile? Evidence of paradox of plenty on human capital development, Resources Policy, 2023 (Impact Factor)
3.    Afzal, A., Mirza, N., & Firdousi, S. F. Do depositors discipline the banking sector? Evidence from an emerging economy, Review of Accounting and Finance, 2023 (Impact Factor)
4.    Ahmed, H., Jallat, H., Hussain, E., Saqib, E.N, Saqib, Z., Khokhar, M.F., & Khan, W.R (2023). Quantitative Assessment of Deforestation and Degradation and its Causes in Himalayan National Park MHNP: Employing Landsat Data and Socio-Economic Survey. Forests, (14)2), 201. https://doi.org/10.3390/f14020201 (Impact Factor)
5.    Amir, H., Tamime, R., Shamair, Z., Khan, A. L., AlMohamadi, H., & Nawaz, R. (2023). Enhanced gas separation performance of PIM-1 blend membranes incorporating ionic liquid (3-(trimethoxysilyl) propan-1-aminium acetate ([APTMS][Ac])) as filler: Investigation of morphology, compatibility and transport properties. Fuel, 349, 128669. (Impact Factor)
6.    Arif, R., Chaudhry, T. “Heterogeneous Effects of Emigration on Labor Market Activity and Investment Decisions in Punjab, Pakistan,” Advances in Life Course Research, Vol. 56 (June), 2023, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.alcr.2023.100547 (Impact Factor)
7.    Arif, R., Chaudhry, T., & Chaudhry, A. (2023). “Emigration’s Heterogeneous Impact on Children’s Wellbeing in Punjab, Pakistan.” Child Indicators Research, 1-45 (Impact Factor)
8.    Arif, R, Chaudhry A, Chaudhry T (2023) Empowered mothers and co-resident grandmothers: Two fundamental roles of women impacting child health outcomes in Punjab,    Pakistan.    PLOS    ONE    18(11): e0285995. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0285995 (Impact Factor)
9.    Arifeen, S. R., & Mughal, F. (2023). Can improvisation be paradoxical? Learner positionality   and   the   improvised   digital   disruption. Management Learning, 0(0). https://doi.org/10.1177/13505076231197908 (Impact Factor)
10.    Asharaf, N, Wadho, W, & Shahid, S. (2023). Faultlines in Family SMEs: The U-shape effect of family influence and control on innovativeness and performance. M@n@gement. Vol. 26 (3). (Impact Factor)
11.    Ashraf, I., Ahmad, S. R., Ashraf, U., & Khan, M. (2023). Community perspectives to improve flood management and socio-economic impacts of floods at Central Indus River, Pakistan. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 92, 103718. (Impact Factor)
12.    Ashraf, U., Peterson, A. T., Chaudhry, M. N., & Cobos, M. E. Global ecological niche conservatism and evolution in Olea species. Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences, 30(1), 103500. (HEC W Category)
13.    Awais, M., Afzal, A., Firdousi, S.F., & Hasnaoui, A. Is fintech the new path to sustainable 
resource utilisation and economic development? Resources Policy, 2023 (Impact Factor)
14.    Beg, I., Bisht, M. and Rawat. S.: Ranking approach for generalized intuitionistic fuzzy numbers and its application in transportation problems, Computational and Applied Math., 42(2023), Article 329 (HEC W Category)
15.    Beg, I., M. Abbas and M.W. Asghar: Approximation of the solution of split equality fixed point problem for family of multivalued demicontractive operators with application, Σ−Mathematics, 11 (2023) Id. 959 (HEC W Category)
16.    Chaudhry, T. & R. Arif, “The Impact of Consanguineous Marriage on Children's Human Capital in Pakistan,” Journal of South Asian Development, November 2023, https://doi.org/10.1177/09731741231200380. (Impact Factor)
17.    Firdousi, S.F., Afzal, A., & Amir, B. Nexus between FinTech, renewable energy resource consumption, and carbon emissions, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2023 (Impact Factor)
18.    Gu, X., Firdousi, S.F., Obrenovic, B., Afzal, A., Amir, B., & Wu, T. The influence of green finance availability to retailers on purchase intention: a consumer perspective with the moderating role of consciousness, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2023 (Impact Factor)
19.    Hasan, A., Anwar, W., Zahir-ul-Hassan, M.K. and Ahmed, A. (2023). Corporate governance and tax avoidance: Evidence from an emerging market. Applied Economics. (Impact Factor)
20.    Hasan, A., Riaz, Z. and Nakpodia, F. (2023), "Explicating the contextuality of corporate governance through ownership structure and family management: evidence from an emerging economy", Corporate Governance, Vol. 23 No. 5, pp. 1085-1104. https://doi.org/10.1108/CG-08-2022-0332 (Impact Factor)
21.    Hasan, A., Sheikh, N., & Farooq, M. B. (2023). Exploring stakeholder perceptions of tax reform failures and their proposed solutions: a developing country perspective. Meditari Accountancy Research. (Impact Factor)
22.    Hasan, A., Sufi, U. and Hussainey, K. (2023). Risk Committee Characteristics and Risk Disclosure in Banks: Evidence from an Emerging Economy. Journal of Applied Accounting Research. (Impact Factor)
23.    Hasan, A., Riaz, Z. and Nakpodia, F. (2023). Explicating the contextuality of corporate governance through ownership structure and family management: evidence from an emerging economy. Corporate Governance. (Impact Factor)
24.    Iuga, I. C., Rabab Mudakkar, S., & Dragolea, L. L. (2023). Time of COVID-19: stability analysis of stocks, exchange rates, minerals and metals markets. Economic research- Ekonomska istraživanja, 36(1), 1527-1548. (HEC W Category)
25.    Jamil, N., Chaudhry, T., and A. Chaudhry, “Adjustments in markups after a Free Trade Agreement: An analysis of Pakistani firms gaining increased access to China,” Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, June 2023, https://doi.org/10.1080/09638199.2023.2222419. (Impact Factor)
26.    Javaid, U. "The Star of CPEC-Analyzing the hurdles to Gwadar’s Development." Al- Qanṭara 9.4 (2023). (HEC Impact Factor)

27.    Khalid, A., Chaudhry, H. and Beg, I.: Dissilient interpersonal influences in social network analysis, Fuzzy Sets Systems, 46(7) (2023), Article 108499. (HEC W Category)
28.    Khan, M., Chaudhry, M. N., Anwar, M., Ashraf, U., & Ali, H. Effect of Lockdown on the Air Quality of Four Major Cities in Pakistan During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Journal of Environmental Health, 85(6), 2023. (Impact Factor)
29.    Khan, S. N., & Riaz, Z., (2023) Exploring the Relevance of Organizational Learning for CSR Strategy Implementation: Empirical Evidence from a Developing Economy. Journal of the Knowledge Economy, Impact factor: 1.3 (Impact Factor)
30.    Liu, K., Afzal, A., Zhong, Y., Hasnaoui, A., Yue, X.G. Investigating the resource curse: Evidence from MENA and N-11 countries, Resources Policy, 2023 (Impact Factor)
31.    Mirza, N., Afzal, A., Umar, M., & Skare, M., The impact of green lending on banking performance: Evidence from SME credit portfolios in the BRIC, Economic Analysis and Policy, 2023 (Impact Factor)
32.    Mirza, N., Umar, M., Afzal, A., Firdousi, S.F. The role of fintech in promoting green finance, and profitability: Evidence from the banking sector in the euro zone, Economic Analysis and Policy, 2023 (Impact Factor)
33.    Mudakkar, S. R., & Uppal, J. Y. (2023). Identifying Winning Strategies for MFIs by Constructing Structured Mashup Indices. Global Business Review, 09721509221134256. (HEC W Category)
34.    Naz, R., and Mariano, T., "Symmetry methods for a hyperbolic model for a class of populations." Applied Mathematics and Computation 439 (2023): 127640. (HEC W Category)
35.    Naz, R., and Mariano, T., "The first integrals and closed‐form solutions of a Susceptible Exposed‐Infectious epidemic model." Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences 46, no. 4 (2023): 4352-4362. (HEC W Category)
36.    Nisar, S. News Framing and Discourse Analysis of Aurat March of the Editorials in Pakistan’s English Language Newspaper, Journal of Communication and Media Studies (HEC W Category/Impact Factor Journal Article)
37.    Noor, Q., Rashid, T.and Beg, I.: Multi-attribute group decision making based on probabilistic dual hesitant fuzzy Maclaurin symmetric mean operators, Granular Computing 8(2023), 633-666. (HEC W Category)
38.    Siddique, S., Chaudhry, M. N., Ahmad, S. R., Javed, R., Nazir, R., Mubarak, S., ... & Mahmood, A. Comprehensive GIS based risk surveillance of organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) in edible fish species of River Chenab, Pakistan. Science of The Total Environment, 871, 162084, 2023. (HEC W Category)
39.    Siddique, S., Chaudhry, M. N., Ahmad, S. R., Nazir, R., Zhao, Z., Javed, R., & Mahmood, A. Ecological and human health hazards; integrated risk assessment of organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) from the Chenab River, Pakistan. Science of The Total Environment, 882, 163504, 2023. (HEC W Category)
40.    Talat, A., Khan, S. N., Chaudary, S., & Neale, N. R. Investigating ICT for team creativity: A team sensemaking perspective. IIMB Management Review 2023 35(1) Impact factor: 1.7 (Impact Factor)
41.    Tirmazee, Z. S. (2023). Unequal pay for equal education! A case of gender wage gap from Punjab, Pakistan. Argumenta Oeconomica, 1(50), 67-94. (Impact Factor)

42.    Wadho, W, and Sadia, H. (2023). "Ethnic diversity, concentration of political power and the curse of natural resources." Economia Politica 40.1: 113-137. (Impact Factor)