Corporate Social Responsibility Centre

The Corporate Social Responsibility Center at Lahore School provides a platform for stakeholders to connect with the local community. The office actively engages in social welfare initiatives throughout the year, channeling stakeholders' energy to empower them as active change agents.
The office performs the following functions:

  •   Assessing community needs and resources to gauge areas in need of assistance
  •   Developing viable association with the social sector organizations
  •  Initiating welfare projects geared towards sustainable development
  •  Seek active participation in community development from students, faculty, administration and alumni
  • Monitoring the impact of its social welfare activities on the community

The LSCSR Center has two outreach programs. The first is the Burki Outreach Program that includes welfare projects within the Burki and its surrounding regions. All other events fall under the category of Community Outreach Program.
The Center launches its ambassador program at the start of every fiscal year to give students a chance to explore their potential and leadership qualities by working as a social worker. All selected ambassadors need to participate in at least ten activities to qualify for an experience letter. Ambassadors selected also compete for ‘Ambassador of the Semester’ spot. The position is awarded to the most devoted ambassador.
Volunteer positions are open all round the year. However, students are encouraged to get themselves registered with the Center at the registration desk, set up at the beginning of every semester as limited slots are available. This also provides an opportunity to enlighten the students regarding the upcoming social welfare activities. All volunteers are awarded a certificate for their participation.


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Ms. Maheen Chaudhry

Deputy Registrar

MBA Marketing,  Lahore School of Economics, Pakistan
Instagram: @ls_csrc